Top 10 Nursery Trends for 2017

Top 10 Nursery Trends for 2017

Lets talk nursery trends for 2017.

Lets look at whats trending in nurseries this year and beyond..

Nursery trends for 2017.. metallic cots1. Metallics and Rose Gold.  Expect to see a lot more particularly on larger items like cots. Our latest range Modern vintage was photographed on this Incy Interiors cot and it looks just divine.

2. Monochrome. Yes there seems to be no end in sight for black and white however we are seeing a lot more greys and neutrals taking centre stage and the introduction of natural elements.

Nursery trends for 2017 - monochrome3. Murals. You are most likely to see plenty of mountains in boys nurseries and large scale florals in girls rooms. Some will be wallpapers and some will be stickers or hand painted.

Nursery Trends for 2017 .. wall murals

4. Statement Cots. Who cares what the colour scheme is when you have an amazing designer cot.

5. Pastels. Soft sweet colour palettes that often include light timbers or fun motifs of the sweet variety..think donuts, ice creams, sweets etc.

Nursery Trends for 2017 .. boho and macrame

6. Boho. Lots of textural elements and natural materials along with nature inspired motifs. Add a salt lamp, a teepee, some macrame and a jute rug and you are on your way.

7. Greenery. It’s the colour of the year but I see it being used more through the use of actual plants and greenery. Ferns, cactus, fiddle leafs.

Nursery Trends for 2017 ..greenery and cactus

8. Rabbits and Lions.  Expect to see more bunny and lion designs popping up in nurseries.. toys, bedding and even photographic prints.

9. Outdoor and Adventure.  Mountains, camping tents, bears and woodland animals are still on the scene especially for boys.  Adding  tree stumps and wooden  panelling seem to be popular.

10. Most popular looks will be mid century modern and vintage styles.

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