Minimalism at Christmas - Setting Gift Expectations

Minimalism at Christmas - Setting Gift Expectations

A common complaint around Christmas is that it is a season of excess and that people have forgotten the true meaning behind it.

Parents of children are often overrun with gifts and toys which will only be added to an already overwhelming amount pouring out of cupboards and playrooms.  Another consideration is the environment , all of these cheap plastic items and bits and pieces often end up in landfill or our oceans.  

 I'm not sure about you but my kids are super sensitive about plastic waste as they learn so much about recycling and caring for the environment at school here.

So if you want a simpler Christmas with less stuff and more meaning you may want to think about alternatives.  One is to consider alternative gifting ideas and when considering this it's best to think ahead.

1.  TIME ... If you would like friends, family or grandparents to take your ideas and feelings into consideration you need to allow plenty of time.  Now is probably a good time to put forward some gentle ideas before people have already gone about buying gifts...or if its already too late well it's a great time to put down the ground work for the following year.  

If you don't give people time or if they've already bought gifts then it may be too late to complain about it.  Accept graciously in the spirit of giving and receiving and later do what you need to do, whether that's regifting or giving it away to someone who may use it more than you.

2. EXPLAIN.... I remember as a child not comprehending an adult saying that they don't need anything as a gift.  I really couldn't get that someone wouldn't want a present.  A lot of people will always feel this way regardless of their age..we are all different.

Now I really understand that sentiment. If I really want or need something I tend to purchase it for myself so personally if I get a gift then something I can use or experience is my favourite.

If you don't want a gift or would like your children to only receive certain things then maybe try explaining the reason.  Is it because you have environmental concerns that you want to honour?

Is it because you don't want your children to take for granted an excess of things that lead to not actually appreciating any of it?  

Whatever the reason may be , thinking about why and trying to get that across your loved ones is a great way to start.


Hopefully this can be a great start to thinking more mindfully about all celebrations in the future.  After all it can be an evolving process that takes time to achieve. 



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