Product FAQs


Who makes our cushions ?

Every cushion is made from scratch.. here in my home studio.
Each name or word is sized individually and traced onto your choice of coloured linen.  It's then stitched by hand.. not embroidered on a machine..I individually hand stitch every letter of your cushion.
It's then sewn up with our signature oatmeal backing in an envelope style closure, filled with a PET recycled insert.

What if I want a name longer than 6 letters?

 Our listing price includes a name or word up to 6 letters.  If you would like a longer name , multiple words or a quote you can purchase the additional letters through our 'add additional letters' listing

How big will the letters be?

Generally the lettering is approx 3-6cm high but depending on the name we may enlarge the letters for a short name and we will make them smaller to fit a longer name so keep that in mind.

Can I add the branch motif?

Yes you can add one or more branch motifs to your wrap or pillow.. pls feel free to reach out to discuss.
You can add a branch motif by purchasing the listing which can be found on our site.

What will the lettering look like?

Please see the lettering chart below and also in your listing.  As of March 2020 we have amended some of our letters into more obvious styles.
We assume that you have seen the chart when you place your order and will produce based on that.
We will always do a capital letter for the first letter and lower case after if no instruction is given eg Nicole .  
If you prefer all lower case just advise at check out.

Where do I tell you the name?

When you add the item to cart look for the special instructions box below.
Thats where you can add your instructions and the name or words you require.
If you can't find that box for the life of you, never fear just shoot through an email and I'll add it to your order.

What colour will my stitching be sewn in?

We stitch all items in either white or charcoal for the sake of simplicity and because we believe it looks timeless.
Amethyst can be done in white or deep charcoal ( we've chosen a shade darker to stand out from the colour)

What colours can I choose?

We have plenty of beautiful colours to choose from although oatmeal remains our most popular.
We back all pillows in our oatmeal linen and the front of the pillow is stitched in the colour of your choice.
If you are unsure of the colour we are more than happy to send you a fabric sample free of charge. 

Can I get matching bedlinen?

We are able to order in pillowcases, fitted sheets from change pads up to single, doona covers etc in most colours.
We do not make these items ourselves but they are sewn on a made to order basis through our linen supplier.  We think of this option as a customer service as our main joy is hand stitching our pillows and wraps.
We order linen at the beginning of each month with orders shipping by the end of the month.
If we haven't answered your question please shoot an email through to me at hello@littlewillowvintage.com

We believe in the importance of trying to live simply and consume less.

Thats why we try to keep our range simple and choose to create ethically by...

1. Ensuring we provide you with something worth keeping, personalised and special and made to high standards so its worth buying in the first place.

Made for a generation not a season.

2. We do this by sourcing cushion inserts that are an environmentally responsible option made from recycled PET fibre made from recycled water bottles.  The look and feel is similar to a high grade polyester fill but with greater resilience.You can find out more at www.innergreen.com.au

3.  We use eco linen, linen comes form the flax plant which has natural anti bacterial qualities, meaning that pesticides are not needed.  It doesn't need a lot of water to grow like cotton and it is technically compostable and will break down in the ground.

4. We upcycle fabric scraps and strips especially our beautiful natural linens to be used as bows for wrapping around our products.  We aim for a lovely presentation with minimal packaging.

 5. We send our items out in compostable mail satchels wherever we can bc every bit helps when it comes to creating a sustainable planet for our children future.