About us


Little Willow Vintage is an Australian baby homewares brand inspired by simpler times

We believe in a less is more approach.

We believe in the value of handmade in a mass produced world.

We believe in creating products that are made for a generation, not just a season.


 The story began with a girl, who grew up admiring her creative mother Denise.  Her first job, (in a local craft store) was a paradise for makers, where she spent her time decorating windows, cutting fabrics, organising and admiring the rainbow selections of threads. 

Many a family camping holiday was spent with Nicole stitching away..her mother often showing her tips to complete it faster yet Nicole insisting there was no rush and taking her time...it seems she was a slow stitcher well before anyone had coined the phrase

The joy she experienced from designing and making beautiful things with her own hands inspires the brand today.

 Nicole -an interior stylist and visual merchandiser, first began the label under another name (Alphabet Monkey) in 2010 after the birth of her son.  She learnt to quilt under the guidance of Denise, by then a well known art quilter and international prize winner. 

After the birth of her second child ( her daughter Willow), Nicole sought to find a balance between creative desires and the demands of motherhood.  She then started on a path to a simpler more minimalist lifestyle creating Little Willow Vintage in 2018.

A renewed focus on mindful making and the slow stitching process she once adored, Nicole  introduced her customised linen cushion and wrap, which have become much sought after products for nurseries and kids rooms all over the world.


 Coming full circle the brand has introduced a range of understated styles heading back to the simplicity of yesteryear.

A simplicity we all crave today



We are lucky enough to have been featured in various magazines including Little One Magazine and Mother and Baby, as well as Mama Disrupt magazine. We have also been featured on lots of super cool blogs and websites internationally including Apartment Therapy, Babyology and Decor8 and Interiors Addict.