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Naturals meet Florals - Prims' Nursery

Naturals meet Florals - Prims' Nursery

When mama Nicole @raising.them.kind set about decorating a nursery for her new baby girl, she wanted to create something that would grow with her.

boho nursery, girls nursery, floral wallpaper

She also spent over 12 months collecting special pieces, including many customised handmade items.  

The result is a gorgeous space with a lived in feel, a striking feature floral wall and loads of natural and white elements that will never date.  All you need to do is swap out the cot and its a dream girls room..

This simple philosophy is in fact trending across nursery design.. most rooms you could take out the cot and most people would be happy to use it for many number of purposes. It just makes sense doesn't it.

 girls nurseryrainbow

We created this pure linen oatmeal 'darling' pillow seen in this room as well as a gorgeous name cushion for Primrose in our soft Desert Blush shade.  You may recognise this little cutie as she has showcased our products many times on our instagram account with her beautiful of the best on insta I say. 

floral wallpaper, girls nursery, heirloom cushionvintage toys, girls nursery

I love this one of the kids playing in the space.. typical big brother..hehe.

This room will see so many memories made over the years to come and we thank Nicole for choosing our heirloom pieces to be part of it.

Nicole shares all of the sources for her goodies over on her new blog ..check it out HERE

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