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Happy birthday to Us!

Happy birthday to Us!

Wow what a year.. its our birthday and we are seven years old.

We may have changed our name from Alphabet Monkey to Little Willow Vintage,  have a new vibe but basically it's still us, still making baby quilts and bedding and still passionate about it.  

 When I started my business it was just a little hobby which I did during maternity leave. And then in the non existent spare time I had whilst working as an in store Interior Stylist and Merchandiser and being a mum to my little boy Campbell.  I never imagined it would grow to the point where I could make it my main gig but I achieved many of my goals within a couple of years with it so I can't ask for more than that. I hope that can give you inspiration that step by step you can reach for more and achieve your desires too.

Now I'm a mum of two, and life is busier.( Check us out below in a shoot which was published on Apartment Therapy here).

However I love it more than ever especially since I realigned with where I'm at now. Everything in life is always evolving and so we need to go with that. But I'm still loving making baby wares and I'm loving bring more hand stitched goodness into the business too. 

I appreciate all the people who have followed and supported me over this time.. from work mates to virtual friends and followers.  It means the world to a tiny business like mine, where every sale helps me to support my family.

Running a creative business is not the easy option but it's the one I find most satisfying at the end of the day.

In some ways I feel like I'm starting from scratch.. a fresh slate is great but also daunting. But you know what?  I realised that all the things I've taught myself and learnt over the years (before there were webinars teaching us everything) means that I've got all the skills I need.  I mean I had to learn how to upload a photo when I started my etsy shop in 2010..and now I can even edit code on my

So I figured it's time to start moving on some of our stock too..create fresh space on the shelves for more of what I'm doing now.. I hate to do such a huge discounts on our beautiful ranges but really they need to be out there in the world..making people happy. And at 40% off it's an amazing deal for everyone.  

And a fresh slate for me.

nicole x



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