Little Willow

Hello Little Willow Vintage

Hello Little Willow Vintage

After growing Alphabet Monkey from nothing to a full time business over the last nearly seven years it may seem kind of crazy to change your name.

It's something I've been thinking about for about a year....But I think I was holding myself back.

Why?? Not sure. But we often do this subconsciously.

I know I had been going through some changes in my life where I was looking to pare back and simplify.  Willow was one and the newborn stages were behind us.  I had been having some issues with production and was feeling frustrated.   Maybe it was the universe sending a sign to move on. But I continued to be indecisive.  

When I looked at where I was and the things that made me happy I realised that I was wanting to change the look and to get back into being more hands on.

I was toying with just combining the new quilts in with the old brand but it somehow just didn't feel right.

Then I googled Alphabet Monkey images and when I scrolled through the pages I confirmed to myself that although they were lovely, the brand had a distinct look. Yes exactly what you want from a brand.. but not so good if you want to go in a new direction. I think I lost touch with who Alphabet Monkey was and what it was originally about. Times change, people evolve, industries grow...

So I decided to go with my gut.

Do what I loved and what I felt inspired to make.

I had to trust my heart and follow my desire to create something that was more aligned with where I am at now.  

I feel connected a mother, a maker, a  minimalist, a wanderer, a collector of experiences, as someone who wants life to be simple.  

Don't we all want that?

I hope that you will continue to join me for whatever the future brings... 

Nicole x

You can still find Alphabet Monkey products on our site, and its going to continue through our etsy store but my primary focus will be on on Little Willow. So its not quite goodbye yet.

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