Little Willow

Custom name colours you'll love

Custom name colours you'll love

Our hand stitched pillows are the ultimate demonstration of our slow design philosophy. Time is taken to customise each one onto the most luscious of linens and embroidered with love for each of its recipients.

Natural linen is still your top choice in our handstitched name cushions but we all love a bit of choice so we now have lots of colours to choose from all made from our beautiful stonewashed soft flax linen. 

Order a cover only or with an insert too..and don't be limited to names. You can purchase extra letters and put whatever you'd like on there.

The new colours include Dove Grey, Mustard, Forest Green, Desert Rose, French Blue and Soft Sky, so now theres a colour to match any style you choose.

Pictured below is Forest Green with white stitching. Followed by French Blue and the soft Dove Grey.

Handstitched linen cushions and pillows by Little Willow wares inspired by simpler times.

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